Pride In People


Sound employment practices empower people and
result in more effective and sustainable businesses to
harvest New Zealand’s national wool clip.

• Employment Agreements
• Drug and Alcohol policy
• Safe Driving policy


Health & Safety

Good Health & Safety is good business. Realistic Health &
Safety processes, based on recognised Best Practice, are
integrated into the day to day work environment.

• Hazard identification and management. Woolshed WOF checklists
• Incident/injury reporting and recording
• Emergency procedures information sheets or notices including:
• workplace location
• emergency contact details
• designated gathering area




Team Capability

Effective wool harvesting requires highly skilled individuals
working as a well-organised team. Appropriate training,
mentoring and experience is required to develop and
maintain a sustainable workforce.


• A Capability Checklist highlighting strengths and skill-gaps in
the business
• A Training Plan to ensure that the team/s can meet all
farmer requirements



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