The Program


  • To ensure a high level of service to farmers
  • To improve communication between farmers, wool harvesters and the wider wool industry
  • To ensure the wool preparation plan maximises current market returns
  • To consolidate socially sound and sustainable business practices in the New Zealand wool harvesting industry
  • To highlight and recognise the professionalism of shearing businesses that become ShearNZ Accredited Operators


Business Structure

The initial development period of ShearNZ will be run as a stand-alone project under the umbrella of the NZSCA. After this initial development period an incorporated society may be formed for ShearNZ, in which all Accredited Operators will... read more


Audit Processes

The audit of Accredited Operators will take place in three stages... read more



New applicants must complete an initial application form. This application form requires a declaration of intent to meet all requirements of the ShearNZ programme within 12 months. The applicant must... read more