Wool Industry

A primary driver for the development of ShearNZ is recognition that the point of wool harvesting is a critical step in the wool supply chain. Application of well-defined standards for shearing businesses makes a significant contribution to wool marketing initiatives.


If the wool industry encourages farmers, and farmers encourage their shearing business to become involved. This will result in better connectivity and response to market signals.


Wool Industry Benefits

  • The enhancement of partner wool trade integrity programmes by including detailed wool harvesting processes
  • Improved communication channels with farmers and wool harvesters prior to shearing
  • Consistent descriptions and improved knowledge of quality (type and degree of processing faults)
  • Accredited Operators contributing to growers meeting the requirements of their integrity programmes
  • Supports market claims around NZ wool’s naturalness, industry sustainability and socially responsible practices
  • Will provide NZ wool marketers with an additional point of differentiation


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