The ShearNZ programme is “Best Practice” in the harvesting of New Zealand wool, in terms of: service, social sustainability and the preparation of the wool clip based on current market requirements.


ShearNZ is accreditation and recognition for shearing businesses who want to a recognised point of difference, it does not require accreditation of farmers.


Ask your shearing business if they are interested in ShearNZ? ShearNZ provides resources and help them get the elements of the programme in place before an external audit which must happen within 12 months.


Farmer Benefits

  • Traceable performance in the harvesting process from woolshed to end product
  • To have the assurance that the team has a plan based on current market requirements, with the knowledge and ability to deliver
  • To have the clip prepared “fit for purpose”
  • Enhancement of the image of New Zealand wool nationally and internationally
  • Added confidence to marketers and consumers that “Best Practice” is used in the harvesting of their wool, in terms of social sustainability
  • An added protection against discounting
  • The provision of a self-sustainable wool harvesting industry platform that has clear standards and can monitor and assist with industry needs